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Atrial Fibrillation and Daily Life


Most people with atrial fibrillation don't have to change their daily activities. You can live well and safely with atrial fibrillation. Here are some tips on preventing problems with arrhythmia.

  • Try to manage stress.

    Treatments like yoga, biofeedback, and meditation may help. Stress may trigger an episode of atrial fibrillation or make your atrial fibrillation worse.

  • Let your doctor know if you experience symptoms of atrial fibrillation during sex.

    Sex is safe for most people who have atrial fibrillation as long as they can exercise and be active without having symptoms.

  • Be active but watch for symptoms.

    For some people, strenuous activity can trigger an episode of atrial fibrillation. Tell your doctor if exercise is a trigger for you. Work with your doctor to create an activity plan that is right for you. Talk to your doctor before you start a new exercise program or change your workouts.

  • Pull over and call your doctor if you start to feel symptoms or become lightheaded while driving or using heavy machinery.

    You can drive unless your doctor advises against it.

  • Prepare before you travel.

    Bring the name and phone number of your doctor when you go on trips. Also, make sure to bring extra medicine.


Current as of: June 24, 2023

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